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Prof. Daniel Bar-Tal

School of Education

Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv 69978, Israel

Tel.: 03-6408473

Fax: 03-6409477


Daniel Bar-Tal is Professor Emeritus at the School of Education, Tel Aviv University. He studied helping behavior and attribution theory, but he is best known for his comprehensive research on the socio-psychological foundations and dynamics of intractable conflicts. In addition to his academic work, he is a practitioner, activist and mentor (teacher). His most influential theoretical contribution is the development of a systematic and holistic conception of the dynamics of interethnic bloody and lasting conflicts: how they erupt, escalate and possibly de-escalate, are resolved peacefully and even reconciled (see his book Intractable conflicts: Socio-psychological Foundations and Dynamics, Cambridge University Press, 2013). In addition, he is an authority on the Israeli-Arab/Palestinian conflict, suggesting a comprehensive socio-political psychological analysis of its foundation, continuation and maintenance. He developed conceptual frameworks for the understanding of political socialization of young children in the context of intractable conflicts and peace education. Finally, he proposed intervening conceptions for changing attitudes about violent conflicts. Recently he shifted his interest to the importance of political narratives as powerful determinants of societal–national and international processes.

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